First entry since 2015

This is my first entry since 2015 on this blog because I used to use a WordPress on my website. But I have changed my provider and I don’t really use WordPress anymore there, so I might use this in the future. is the address to my website and is made in .asp mvc. It’s still under construction, and I might do some blog posts on that here. But for now this is the place where I will share my experiences

Late last week

Last week I didn’t have time to send out a post, and this week might not be any post out as well, I have to have a preview of one project I am doing finished and another one finished by next week.

I hope to come back stronger, but for now I am sorry.

More info before starting to code

From my last blog, I started to talk about understanding concepts before you actually start learning what you are going to learn. For me, as I said before and probably some of you will see, my native language is not English. But still, I have managed to learn and work with computers since I was 7 years old. For over 30 years. Last 15 as a professional. Almost every book that I have read about computers has been in English.

So when I start to go through C++ and C#, I will start first with pseudo code. Then build the program in both languages and we go into the binary of the code to understand what happened when it was built.

Sudo code is a way to explain what you are building with words, so you can think and use normal words in the way you want to create the code. In the beginning, this task will be essential and will make everything a lot easier to learn.

This is the way we will also take apart more difficult code and make it more understandable. This can also make you think about naming your variables in a way that it will be easier for other people to understand what you want to do with your code.

Back to basics

The first post I will have on “programming”, will be the idea of programming.

Because learning something new, is a way of getting to know something new, but is to get your mind to see something new. The more you can see and more possibilities it will create for you. New ideas come from what you have experienced earlier. With what I mean earlier is everything older then the moment you are in now.

So when you start programming, you can get really frustrated because of understanding the concept that being taught. Something easy as learning what variable is can be hard if you do not understand word variable. For me as being a Norwegian, some words can be difficult because I have never learned them or I that I have learned them, but do not understand the meaning of them. Because of that, it makes it hard for me to see the concept of what I am reading. So I have to back and understand the word before I can go further with the subject.

Let us take the word variable and search for on google:  variable

  1. In computer programming, a variable or scalar is a storage location paired with an associated symbolic name (an identifier), which contains some known or unknown quantity or information referred to as a value.

This was result of the query. This would be a very hard way learning and understanding the word in a programming concept. The way I came to understand it as, is as easy as the name of the container. And then you have to understand: “What is a container and why does it need a label?” That is something that will be explained more in depth when we come ot the programming part.

But for now I will just give an example int x = 0. In the x is the variable or the label and the value 0 is the value the container contains.

The int means that is an integer.

Different projects I am working on at the moment

One of the biggest projects I have done so far, is this one. It is a website with underwater pictures from tropical places. As far as I know, this one is the biggest gallery from one photograph.Dell Tropical Favourites

I am re-doing the webpage to C# ASP.NET MVC.

Make it more interactive and user friendly with a focus on seo.

Us 2 Europe is another site I am re-doing, this site was written in php, but I am re-writting it to  C# ASP.NET MVC as well.

Logo for us2europe


The poster below was made for a theater group in Rio De Janeiro called Projeto Os Ciclomáticos DNA.

This poster is for there performance happening in April. If you are around Rio I would recommend for you to see it.

Poster for a theater show in Rio De Janeiro.

CAIO Poster for a theater show in Rio De Janeiro.

For the web projects that I have at the moment, I use C# ASP.NET  MVC, this is because it is a langauge I feel is best suited to what I am trying to do. But as you can see, my homepage is just a wordpress side. This is because it gives me what I need. And that is what you have to take with you on every project you have

Back to Basics

I have been using for a while now. But endless hours dealing with support and crappy system, I finally caved. So instead of having my wordpress site on, I have redirected my webpage to

I will be on this site until my domain name is ready to be renewed, and then I will be look for other alternatives. But since this will be my primary site for some months now, then this site will be updated more.

This blog will come in 3 flavours; Computer related, Personal Growth and Just Personal.

When I try to go on a subject, I will try to go more in the depth on stuff. I will go though the basics on C++ and C#, and then try to break down the more complex things apart and then go back to the basic to understand it.

With the personal growth will be something of the same. I will take the complexity that we create and go back to the basics to understand why and how things are working.

We are complexe human beings, that lives in a very complex world. So we have a tendency to complicate stuff that are very basic. Because it is so simple, our mind do not cope with that simplicity and try to explain and complicate everything.

So now it is time to go back to basics.

Life is, therefore I am!