Different projects I am working on at the moment


One of the biggest projects I have done so far, is this one. It is a website with underwater pictures from tropical places. As far as I know, this one is the biggest gallery from one photograph.Dell Tropical Favourites

I am re-doing the webpage to C# ASP.NET MVC.

Make it more interactive and user friendly with a focus on seo.

Us 2 Europe is another site I am re-doing, this site was written in php, but I am re-writting it to  C# ASP.NET MVC as well.

Logo for us2europe


The poster below was made for a theater group in Rio De Janeiro called Projeto Os Ciclomáticos DNA.

This poster is for there performance happening in April. If you are around Rio I would recommend for you to see it.

Poster for a theater show in Rio De Janeiro.

CAIO Poster for a theater show in Rio De Janeiro.

For the web projects that I have at the moment, I use C# ASP.NET  MVC, this is because it is a langauge I feel is best suited to what I am trying to do. But as you can see, my homepage is just a wordpress side. This is because it gives me what I need. And that is what you have to take with you on every project you have

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